New Site


Happy Saturday everyone! I wanted to let you all know where my new site is located. I don’t think everyone was migrated over to my new site properly and you may not be receiving updates from me, especially if you’re a WP user! Please click the link below and follow my new site!

NWA Gossip Girl’s Blog – Gossip at its best…

See you on the other side! 😜

Moving on up!!!!!



You may have noticed NWA Gossip Girl looks a little different! Well that’s just part of the upcoming changes you’ll see over the next month! I’m so happy to hook up with RFE hosting and Katie at Priceless Design Studio to create the most FABULOUS blog site!

With that being said, I’ve moved sites! Don’t worry, all of you are coming with me!!! I just wanted to give you a heads up on the changes you will be seeing. No need to do anything on your end, just sit back relax and keep liking and commenting on my posts!!! 😘